The ‘90s was an interesting fashion decade because it looked quite different in the beginning to what it did at the end. The early ‘90s were ‘80s inspired, while towards the end it was more ‘70s. Throw in a good amount of grunge, bare midriffs, baggy clothing, velvet ribbon chokers, slip dresses, bias-cuts, dungarees, lug soles, and an extreme amount of black wardrobe items, and Bob’s your uncle. 

The ‘90s are trending so if it was your favourite fashion era, milk it. Here are some looks to get you started. I’d say choose any colour palette, but black was the colour of the ‘90s, especially for footwear. So outfits with at least some black skew more ‘90s.

1. Bias-cut Skirt, Aviator, and Chunky Boots

Combine a bias-cut slip skirt with a tee or tailored pullover. Finish things off with an oversized aviator jacket and flat, chunky mid-calf or knee-high stompy boots. The example here is black from head-to-toe, which is very ‘90s. But feel free to create any colour palette. You could also wear a patterned slip skirt, and keep the rest solid black.

Zara Double Faced Jacket

2. Long Blazer and Tapered High-Rise Pants

Long double-breasted blazers were big in the ‘90s, and I had a few too. They’ve made a comeback and are topping all sorts of outfit combinations. Here, a long plaid blazer tops a pair of early ‘90s high-rise tapered black pants and white tee. The tucked tee lengthens the leg line from the hips upward which offsets the leg-shortening effect of the long blazer. The pointy-toed boots add an ‘80s touch. Square-toe boots work well too.

11 Honoré Adora Blazer

3. Plaid Shirts

The grungy plaid shirt of the ‘90s is a Trendy Classic. You can combine it with just about anything. Wear it casually, or tuck it into high-rise bottoms or a skirt for an ‘80s effect. The more ‘90s way means combining plaid shirts with jeans or a denim skirt. Wear it open over a tee or camisole, or button it up with a pile of pearls. Add a beanie, jacket, chunky shoes, and silver jewellery. Or keep it pretty with dressy shoes. Do your own thing!

Everyday Flannel Shirt
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4. Bootcuts, Blazer and Heels

Bootcut jeans and pants are a late ‘90s vibe that took us well into the ‘00s. Combine them with a dressy top, fitted blazer, and heels like pumps or boots. Or feel free to wear platform sneakers. Sub the dressy top for a tee if that’s more your thing. Add non-neutrals or patterns.

FRAME Le High Flare Jeans

5. Floral Midi with Black Support Act

And last, combine a patterned floral midi dress with black boots and moto jacket. The boots can be chunky, flat, heeled, refined, or combat style. Shorter jackets tend to work well with dresses especially when worn with flat boots. Add jewellery, hats, eyewear and watch as desired.

Violeta Leather Biker Jacket