Everybody & Everyone is a casual and smart casual clothing brand that takes its sustainable and ethical practices extremely seriously. So much so that you can shop for items online under categories like “100% Recycled,” “Organic,” “Biodegradable” and “Eco-Innovative.” You can also shop from categories like “Odor + Spill Proof,” or suitable for “Friday Night In” and “Work From Home.” Their category of “Little Eco Things” is worth a look too.

The brand offers a fairly size-inclusive assortment that runs from US00 to US24. They specialize in offering elevated and great quality everyday essentials that aim to make life easier, while at the same time better for our planet.

Everybody & Everyone uses material science and smart design to maximize the life of clothes and minimize our negative impact on the planet. Each of their raw materials is measured for its sustainable footprint. For example, in order to reduce carbon footprint, most of the fabrics used are produced near the factories that makes them into clothing in order to save energy and resources.

The brand also teams up with other eco-conscious companies to produce their items. (Coincidentally, Naadam, who we spotlighted last month, makes their knitwear.) They also work with a tree planting project to offset unavoidable carbon emissions. For every one of Everyone & Everybody’s shipments, the company that ships their products purchases one tree for $1 from a non-profit organization called “One Tree Planted” on their behalf. This raises awareness on why trees are so important, and reduces their carbon footprint in a more subtle way.

Items are made of organic cotton, linen, silk, hemp, viscose, eco-friendly cashmere, tencel, fermented sugar fibres, biodegradable trims, and recycled polyester and nylon. The brand also offers a way to recycle our own unwanted clothes if we send the items to them. They pay for shipping in the US, and make sure your items are turned into things like insulation and carpet padding instead of clogging up a landfill.

Everybody & Everyone 2-in-1 All Things Puffer

Everybody & Everyone Better World Sweatshirt

Everybody & Everyone Green Thumb Jacket

I see the brand working particularly well for a casual, minimal style. The simplicity is versatile and has a quiet presence. Items are well-made, and intended to last longer than regular essentials, although they are pricier.

If you want to cosy up for Fall, work from home in eco staples, or upgrade your loungewear, take a look at this brand. Their novel odor + spill proof collection is awfully practical. The Little And A Lot Pants look fab because they have an adjustable waist and length, are made of stretchy fermented sugar fabric, and are crinkle-free. Sweet! If they came in a pattern or colour other than black, I’d be trying them.