For the most part, retail is divided into gender-specific and age-specific (adult, teen, child, infant) departments. It’s a way to make stores easy to navigate, keeping large assortments of merchandise simple and organized. That way we can shop more efficiently when we’re looking for something specific.

That said, the winners are sometimes in departments you don’t normally shop. For example, my head is a little on the small side so I sometimes find winning headgear in the children’s department. Here are three children’s hats that fit perfectly and work well for my style. The cream beret was bought in the girl’s department at Nordstrom. Both beanies were bought in the boy’s department at Scotch & Soda.

Some of my clients and friends prefer their V-neck pullovers, flannel pyjamas, scarves, and button-through shirts from the men’s department. Clients with larger heads have found that hats in the men’s section are a more comfortable fit. Some of my very small and petite clients do well with jeans, denim jackets and footwear from the girl’s department. If it works, why not! Leave no retail stone unturned.

Do you sometimes find good wardrobe items from alternative retail departments?