I enjoy wearing big scarves because they look dramatic and effectively keep out the chill when I’m out in the elements. They do double duty as wraps when I’m indoors, which is handy when you run cold. Our Yorkie Sam also makes himself very comfy snuggling in my big scarves. 

I’ve found that the chunkier — but not too chunky — wool and cashmere big scarves are the easiest to manage because they are smooth, yet have a little friction that helps them to stay put once tied. Thin big scarves tend to be slippery, move around, and don’t look quite as architectural. That said, thinner big scarves feel very lightweight and comfortable, and might be just the right level of warmth for your inner thermostat. They are also easier to wear inside a topper, whereas thicker big scarves are best worn over toppers.

Here is my current big scarf capsule. I will happily add a couple more because I wear them frequently for four months of the year.

The collection below shows multiple ways to wear a simple big rectangular cashmere or woolly wrap scarf. They can be used as a wrap, or tied as a scarf around the neck. I wear my big scarves in most of these ways, but loop it through, most often using the “euro knot” like the burgundy scarf in the sixth item below. I wear these scarves OVER my toppers.

If you’d like to learn how to tie a big wrap scarf or chunky long scarf, I found this video compelling. I will be trying a few of the new-to-me ways soon.