Sleeveless jackets, gilets, body warmers, and waistcoats — or vests, as they are called in the US — have a short season unless your Falls and Winters are mild. Or you can layer with a vest under or over a warm topper. Vests come in many variations. Dressy or casual, short or long, tailored or boxy, patterned or solid, belted or loose, textured or smooth — take your pick. 

Vests are very versatile, as long as you have the right weather on your side. These days you can incorporate them into most outfits because almost anything goes. I particularly liked the look of these outfits because the remixes are creative and fresh. Maybe they’ll inspire you to create your own versions with what you have at home.

1. Happy Tension

This is a fun way to wear Sporty Luxe. Combine a dressy pleated skirt with a tucked blouse and glitzy belt. Layer a sporty quilted vest over the lot, and finish things off with dressy shoes. To my eye, it’s the small details here that make the look a hit. The palette is very tight, and the vest matches the skirt creating vertical integrity. The absence of a branded label on the front of the sporty vest makes it look dressier. I’d have preferred closed shoes like boots, pumps, oxfords or ballet flats instead of sandals. Or hosiery with the sandals.

Violeta Quilted Zipper Gilet

2. Urban Sporty

Combine a pair of flared pants with a hoody. Layer a sporty vest over the top and leave the hood out. Finish off the look with high-shaft booties. Tuck the front of the hems of the pants into the top of the boots, which is super practical in wet weather. No soggy hems. Add a little bling like the model has with her earrings, and a bag to match. I like the mismatched playful stripes!

Kule The Simon Reversible Vest

3. Oversized Polish

Combine a pair of black pants with a fluid black blouse and grey sweater. The black pants needn’t be cropped. Wear them ankle or full length instead. Layer an oversized vest over the lot and leave it open. Finish off the look with dressy shoes. Here the matching white vest and pumps pull the look together and add a crisp touch. I can see the look work well with a black vest and shoes.

Michael Kors Collection Crackled Leather Moto Vest

4. Playfully Architectural

And last, an artful combination. Pair a BIG white shirt with asymmetrical hem with tapered black pants or jeans. Layer a boxy faux fur vest over the top and fun boots to match. This look is full of high-contrast colours, but you can keep them low contrast. For example, opt for black top, bottom, and footwear if that’s your preference because a column of colour will temper the volume and streamline the outfit. Personally, I like the high contrast, and how the model’s grey locks add extra texture to the outfit. Maximal and fun. Add jewellery, eyewwear and watch as desired.

Alembika Leopard Vest