Refinery29 asks: “Why Is Shopping For Vintage Plus-Size Clothing So Hard?

Shopping When You’re Plus-Size Isn’t Therapeutic, Just Ask Plus-Size Women.

This was also an interesting read: “For Fashion To Be Truly Inclusive, There Needs To Be Plus-Size Education.”:

“But the key to a size-inclusive future is not only through demanding change from pre-existing brands. Rather, it is through preparing the next generation of game-changers to be inclusive from the start, while they are still in school. That requires an increase in size-inclusive education, a topic that is still heavily lacking at many fashion colleges.”

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“If you’re coming up in a time where you’re told your body is not fashionable or you can’t find nice clothes to buy because brands aren’t making clothes for you, are you really going to keep your clothes?” Nuancedream adds: “This article is from 2018, but it clearly explains why there is a dearth of plus-size vintage clothing.”