As we head into Autumn and temperatures cool, an additional layer is necessary. A long cardigan that can be worn indoors or outdoors is one way to go. Some of my clients will throw on a jacket when they head out the door, but switch back to a cardigan when working or staying at home because it’s more cosy and comfortable. The long cardigan can be streamlined and straight, voluminous, draping, round-hemmed, cocooned, a ruana, or a sweater jacket.

Here are some easy ways to style long cardigans across a range of silhouettes and levels of dressiness. The examples are mostly neutral and pattern-free, but feel free to add colour and pattern. Some people wear regular shoes at home, while others wear slippers, slides, footies, at-home-only shoes, socks, or go barefoot. It’s all good as long as you’re comfortable and your feet feel supported.

1. Over a Dress

Wearing a long cardigan over a comfy dress works a lot better than you might expect, and is quite flattering. Don’t worry about the different hem lengths — just wear it. Cardigans work best with sleeveless and long-sleeved dresses because there’s no sleeve bunching. But if the cardigan sleeves are wide and roomy, layering over most sleeved dresses will work too.

Banana Republic Ribbed Lightweight Duster Cardigan

2. With Jeans

Combine a layering top with a pair of jeans, a long cardigan, and whatever you wear on your feet at home. The layering top can be a blouse, shirt, tank or tee. Wear the top tucked or untucked, and it needn’t be white. The jeans here are skinny and straight but you can wear any jeans silhouette. To balance the volume, you might prefer an oversized cardigan with narrow jeans, and wide-hemmed jeans with a streamlined cardigan.

Illuminative Zeville Cocoon Cardigan

3. With Athleisure

Combine a tee or tank with a long cosy cardigan and a pair of leggings, joggers, trackpants, or other type of Athleisure pants. Black or grey leggings with a white, black or grey tee are an easy combination. Although it’s not shown here, create a column of colour under the cardigan for a more streamlined look. Sneakers complete the sporty vibe, but whatever you wear on your feet at home is good.

Torrid Super Soft Slub Charcoal Grey Open Front Longline Cardigan

4. With Loungewear

This is the most casual of the looks, and can be reserved for lazy days if it’s too casual to wear while working at home. Perhaps it’s a version you wear first thing in the morning before a shower, when you unwind in the evening, or after a workout. Combine a tee or tank with a pair of pyjama bottoms or sweatpants, and throw a long cardigan over the lot. Cozy socks or slippers finish off the look.

5. With Harem Pants

Create an avant-garde vibe by combining a tee, shell top, blouse or turtleneck with a pair of harem or lantern pants. A pair of flowing and wide knitted pants can work too. Keep the top untucked. Layer a cocoon, draping, or round-hemmed long cardigan over the top. Slip-on sneakers complete the look, but whatever you wear at home on your feet is fab. Add jewellery and watch as desired.

Adeptt Loose Fit Cardigan