These items are exceptionally well made and won’t break the bank, especially if you get them on sale. A shout-out to Boden for being sustainable and ethical, providing petites, regular and tall sizes, and offering a size-inclusive US0/2 to 20/22 range. They also helped our healthcare heroes, and my own experiences with their customer service team has been stellar.

1. Hampshire Ponte Wideleg Pants

These are AMAZING machine washable pants that are made of a Ponte fabric that drapes like a dream and feels extremely substantial. They look sharp, and are very comfy. No digging into the waist at all. I love that they don’t cling. They glide along the contour of the body in a beautifully tailored way. Their slight stretch and clever cut makes them work as well for curvier figures as they do for straighter body types.

I committed to the red pair and they are perfect. Roomy on the thighs, and not too wide. I will wear them with white sneakers, and might hem them an inch shorter so that the hems stay clean and dry. They are thick, warm, and much more comfortable than jeans. They are made of a viscose/polyamide/elastane so I’ll be surprised if they bag out. I find these types of pants very versatile and wear them like casual jeans. I can’t wait to wear them when the weather cools.

2. Marks and Spencer Nighties

If you don’t like to wear pants and shorts to sleep in like me, try a nightie, and more specifically, a Marks and Spencer nightie. I have a couple and they are my favourites. They’re made of the most wonderful woven and knitted fabrics that feel as comfortable and luxe as can be. The necklines aren’t too low, and there are a variety of lengths. Machine washable, robust, and look cute too. I prefer the very simple silhouettes without the buttons, hoods or collars. If you prefer less coverage, try a chemise.

3. Kipling New Angie Crossbody Bag

Who remembers the Belgian brand Kipling from the ‘80s? The fun brand makes very casual bags made of a canvas-nylon-parachute type textile that is extremely lightweight, easy to wipe clean, and very robust. The bags have lots of zippers and compartments, come in many sizes and colours, and the hardware is silver. Sometimes there’s a monkey on the zipper. This silhouette was a recent winner with a YLF forum member, who bought the white and matched it with white sandals, a fab tie-dye midi dress, mask, and looks AMAZING. I quite like the name of the style too!