A friend contacted me after she read that I switched back to CeraVe facial products. She relayed her own experiences with perioral dermatitis and rash on her face, which sounded a little similar to what I had. Her dermatologist said there are many different allergies that could be at play. Apparently the symptoms can be a reaction to the whitening agent in toothpaste, lanolin, beeswax, very specific ingredients in skincare products, metal, and stress.

She switched out her products and her skin cleared in a matter of weeks. One of the products she switched to was Theraplex Hydro Lotion for dry and sensitive skin. No parabens or preservatives. Noncomedogenic, hypoallergenic, fragrance-free, gluten-free, and not tested on animals. It’s very light, non-greasy, smooth, and silky. It claims to work as well for an oily and acne-prone skin, as it does for a dry and fussy skin like mine.

Although I was quite happy with my recent switch to CeraVe moisturizers, I wanted to try this too. It has even fewer chemicals on the ingredient list, and might be even better for my very sensitive skin. 

After a couple of weeks, so far so good. I use it twice a day on my face, and under sunscreen and a tinted moisturizer in the morning. It’s even more gentle than CeraVe, and my skin is once again smooth and free of those tiny raised little bumps that make it feel rough.

If you have very sensitive skin which is getting irritated, you might want to switch out the products you’re using. Of course, consult a skin specialist too.