Beads Byaree is an innovative and whimsical jewellery line that is designed and created by founder Areeayl Goodwin. Goodwin is a Pennsylvania native who resides in Brooklyn, New York. As far as I can tell she makes her jewellery by hand right in NY. The pieces are often made on impulse, a product of her imagination, and inspired by her dreams and the music she listens to while she lets her creative juices flow.

Beads Byaree jewellery pieces are hand-crafted, few of a kind, quirky, bold, and very different. They are often oversized, statement making, and quite the conversational piece. Most of the pieces are made of wire and metals like brass and copper that Goodwin sources from Africa. You’ll see raw materials like feathers, shells, glass, porcelain, perspex and photographs come through in the pieces too. Check out the Instagram page for good visuals.

The prices of these works of art range from affordable to more pricey, and are available to purchase on the site and on Etsy. They might not be your cup of tea to wear, in which case admire the creativity and beautiful handwork from afar. Or recommend the collection to those who will wear the look with verve and ease. This is slow, individualistic, hand-made production at its best, with items taking up to 8 weeks to ship. I’m sure that if you wore them, they’ll be the star of your next Zoom meeting!

Beads Byaree Levels

Beads Byaree Flora Ear Cuff

Beads Byaree A Seat Cuff

Beads Byaree Yeye Moya Hoops