A T-shirt dress can fit like a long straight T-shirt. It’s unstructured, comfortable, easy to launder, and an uncomplicated throw-on-and-go. The unstructured and sack-like integrity of this silhouette makes it appealing. It hides the midsection and curve of the hips, and feels very breezy because it does not cling. 

That said, the lack of structure can also put some people off. It might make you feel unattractive because it hides the narrowest part of the torso, making you feel wider than you would like. You have the option of belting the waist of the dress to temper the volume and give it some structure, like the model shows below. The waist is narrowed, showing gentle curves on the bustline and hips. The extra structure can make you feel more streamlined and polished. I like that the belt and sandals match, thereby pulling the look together.

Ryllace Amalfi Knit Dress

Belting a fluid dress is forgiving on the midsection. The extra fabric camouflages lumps and bumps while the waist is defined by a belt. So please don’t think that you have to have a flat stomach to do this. You don’t!

You can also wear the belt lower than the waist and more on the hips, to lengthen the natural waist. And as one of my clients says, wearing the belt lower gives her “boobs room to breathe.” That might feel more comfortable if the belt stays put. And by all means try belting all sorts of fluid dresses if you like the more structured outfit proportions.