Kirstin and Kofi EsselThird Crown is a New York City based jewellery brand designed by wife and husband team, Kirstin and Kofi Essel. The couple combined their creative talents to launch a modern jewellery collection that they describe as gender-neutral, geometric, and everyday statement pieces. 

The jewellery line is clean, architectural, chunky, yet refined, and available in an assortment of metals. The line was first produced in the heart of New York City, but has now moved to a factory out of state.

Their concept of “the power of the pair” is what I find the most interesting and unique about Third Crown designs. First, you can wear two of the exact same item at once, like two bangles instead of one. In fact here, the model is wearing three bangles.

Third Crown Arc Bangle

Second, the “power of the pair” is meant to convey a sense of togetherness. This encourages you to wear the same jewellery item with a spouse, friend, or family member, symbolizing a bond between two people, and making the unisex character of their designs all the more compelling.

Third, the “power or the pair” is about wearing two different items from the same collection at once, like a matchy-matchy set. For example, the model here is wearing four items from the Prizm Eclipse collection, so TWO pairs. You can mix and match the earrings, ring, necklace and bracelet from the same collection as you wish. Of course, you can wear mismatched items from different collections too.

Prizm Eclipse Ring

I love the versatility of the Third Crown line. You can choose to be a minimalist or maximalist with the items, and wear them to suit your sartorial preferences. You can wear one piece to be more understated, or sport a few or many pieces at once if you like a bit more glitz and metallic shine. The items are sufficiently practical and robust to be worn daily, and with anything.

As the world slows down and makes more sustainable choices on every level, I predict an increase in the demand for fine and precious jewellery because it can be worn all the time, and lasts for years. It’s Third Crown’s timeless and interesting designs that become even more appealing as many strive for a sense of sustainable chic. You can also have jewellery pieces custom-made. Personal and fabulous. Browse the collections, and have a peek at their Instagram page.