My clients and our forum members have been sharing some of their great finds recently, and I’m passing along their recommendations to you. They’ve seen the items in person, fitted them on, felt the fabrics, and done the road test, which counts for a lot. I’ve only seen some of the items, but I’m vouching for the rest too. Browse the colour options and be sure to read the reviews for some other points of view.

1. T-Shirt Dresses

A T-shirt dress can come in handy because it’s comfortable to wear, good in hot weather, just flattering enough, and easy to launder. Many are quite affordable too. It’s super casual, breezy, and fab for relaxed settings. Wear it to stay and work from home, run casual errands, sip a drink on the deck or patio, walk on the beach, or to socially distance outside with friends. Forum member Debbie wore the Target black T-shirt dress with animal print sneakers and a red tote and looked sensational! A curvy petite client rocks the Wilt T-shirt dresses in blue. I’ve tried some of the Marks & Spencer striped numbers and they are great. Awfully lightweight, good drape, nice finish, and flattering.

2. Bostanten and MZ Wallace Totes

These totes are practical, look good, and go the distance. The modern classic Bostanten bucket shoulder tote is $70, has several outside and inside pockets, and comes with a separate inner pouch for extra organizing. It does not have a full zipper closure, so it’s best for non-rainy weather. MZ Wallace’s soft quilted totes are pricey, and my friends and clients rave about their durability, sporty and chic appearance, robust zipper closures, and practical multiple pockets. Many can be converted to comfortable crossbody bags with broader straps.

3. Halogen Mesh Tops

Although mesh tops are polyester, my friends and clients wear them with pleasure, and I do too. They come in handy because they wear like iron, do not crease, are very lightweight, and are easy to launder. These from Halogen are good tops to wear on their own, or as layering pieces under jackets and cardigans. The patterns are fairly classic and versatile, which has its place. The fits are tailored, but not too clingy. Some of them look great tucked into bottoms, while others look best worn out. Some styles are opaque and others more see-through. They usually have them season after season, and are worth a second glance.

4. Dr. Scholl’s Footwear

Generally, Dr. Scholl’s makes comfortable shoes if we forget about those clacking wooden red and blue slides with statement buckle of the early ‘70s that did not bend. Their styles are fairly supportive and with cushioning footbeds. Silhouettes range from classic to trendy, with a distinctively casual vibe. It’s fun to see the on-trend espadrille hybrids come through too. Some of the uppers are made of recycled fabrics. Prices are relatively affordable, and especially on sale. Widths are medium, and some run a little narrow. Some silhouettes can work on a slightly wider foot.

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