My recent dress capsule edit started a conversation in the comments section and our forum about the preferences for the lengths of hemlines. You bat for Team Shorter if you like to wear skirts and dresses at lengths above the knee-cap. You bat for Team Longer if you prefer to wear skirts and dresses on or below the knee-cap.

Unless there is a professional or personal dress code to adhere to, there is no right or wrong length. What counts are your sartorial preferences and figure flattering priorities, which are PERSONAL. The dress and skirt lengths that make you feel fabulous, attractive, confident, powerful and not self conscious, are the ones you should be wearing. These can change over time.

My clients run the gamut in their preferences for dress and skirt hemlines. Some only sport leg covering midis and maxis. Some like longer dresses and skirts for the office and formal occasions, but raise their hemlines for casual Summer settings and date nights. Some like lengths that hover just above the knee, and others like lengths that hover just below the knee. Some go mid-thigh and shorter because they like to showcase their legs. Others will go as short but with hosiery and boots to create some coverage. And some wear an assortment of lengths because they like them all.

I am most comfortable batting for Team Longer Dress and Skirt. My thighs and knees look just fine, but that’s not the point. Just because you can wear something doesn’t mean you should. I feel more attractive and confident in a longer hemline. I listen to my feelings, so these days it’s a personal figure flattering priority to cover my knees, but not the whole of my leg. I like to showcase my calves and ankles because I fancy the outfit proportions when I do. Sartorially, a longer hemline looks elegant, and that’s something I aspire to.

Over to you. Do you bat for Team Shorter or Team Longer Dress and Skirt, and tell us why. This time, feel free to bat for both teams just because.