If you enjoy wearing shorts you probably have a denim pair, in which case I hope that you find these looks inspiring. I liked them because they’re fairly easy to pull together, but a little more interesting than the basic shorts-tee-flip-flops combination. Choose any wash and colour of denim, and sport a shorts length that is to your taste.

1. Shirted and Layered

Combine a pair of blue denim shorts with a white button-down shirt. Knot the shirt at the waist to create interest and structure. Layer a low-contrast long cardigan over the top, and scrunch the sleeves. Add earthy sandals and a straw bag. The cardigan can work well in the cooler morning/evening or in air conditioning as long as your legs don’t feel cold.

Ryllace Vigoss Cuffed Jean Shorts

2. Trendy and Heels

Combine a pair of white, trendy long Bermuda shorts with a white tee. Layer a black pullover over the top and semi-tuck or fully tuck the lot. Add black dressy heeled sandals or mules, and a bag that works with the outfit. Sub a black blazer for the pullover if that’s more your thing, and choose blue denim if you prefer that to white.

Denim x Alexander Wang Runway Scout Flip Shorts

3. Blousy and Flatformed

Combine a pair of distressed blue denim shorts with a dressier pop-over blouse in a solid or pattern to create an interesting juxtaposition. Finish off the look with trendy flatform sandals and a bag the works with the outfit. The white soles of the black sandals lighten the look of the sandals, creating a crisp and more Summery vibe.

Eloquii Distressed Denim Short

4. Classic and Preppy

An ultra easy one to end off with. Combine a pair of non-blue denim shorts with a striped tee, blue denim jacket, and fashion sneakers. White and black denim shorts work well too. Or sport blue denim shorts with a white denim jacket. Add jewellery, watch, and eyewear as desired.

M&S Collection Magic Shaping Denim High Waist Shorts