I’m continuing this week’s shirt dress theme because they are my all-time favourite frocks. And it’s good to know that others bat for Team Shirt Dress too. Tailored and belted shirt dresses are one way to go. A shirt dress with a straight and fluid waist surrender is another. And last there’s the extra voluminous version that’s big, boxy, tiered, flounced and drapey from collar to hem. 

These are the renditions that hide most of your figure and are beyond body type, which you either enjoy wearing or you don’t. In the extreme, it’s part of your signature style like it is with some of my clients who dress almost exclusively in this way. Or you like to throw in the look from time to time like I do, because it’s architecturally on point, and fun to wear mega comfy muumuu dresses.

1. Light, Crisp, Earthy and Airy

The components here are LIGHT and low contrast to one another, which elongates the outfit and creates vertical integrity. The dress is worn like a gigantic shirt over a relaxed pair of jeans that are cuffed at the ankle to create a little structure. The roll on the sleeves of the dress adds structure too. The pointy-toe flats in a low-contrast neutral further lengthen the leg line. The taupe tote is fab to carry laptops and tablets. A great dramatic and breezy look.

One Cozy Day Simple Stand-collar White Long Blouse Dress

2. Romantically Tiered

Shirt dresses that are fairly tailored on top but flounce into tiers from the bust down swoosh with splendor as you stride, and couldn’t be more comfortable. Add a pair of flat sandals, slides, mules, Birkies, ballet flats, sneakers or espadrilles, and a casual bag, and Bob’s your uncle. Here, the black belt bag and sandals pick up the black in the pattern and the model’s hair very beautifully.

Per Una Pure Cotton Printed Midaxi Shirt Dress

3. Architectural Elegance

This is the most voluminous and dramatic version of the four because of the width of the hem and the oversized ruffle attached to it. Its volume has been tempered by creating a column of black with a pair of jeans in a narrow fit. You could wear the shirt dress on its own if you fancy short hem lengths, although I’d suggest layering a pair of shorts underneath in case the wind blows up the hem. The white boots add a crisp and graphic touch, and break up the expanse of black.

One-Cozy Day Plain Pleated Cropped Shirt Dress

4. Boxy Verve

The ultra boxy sack dress is an acquired taste, and this one has been styled in an interesting way. The sleeves are rolled to add structure by showcasing some skin. An oversized pendant is worn over a buttoned collar in an earthy brown with a backpack to match. White sneakers are a trendy, current, casual and comfortable choice. The addition of ruffled socks is an unexpected, quirky schoolgirl touch. The low contrast of the socks and sneaks creates an interesting bootie effect. Why not!

FantasyLinen Women Denim Shirt Dress