Whistles is a British clothing brand with stores across the UK. In 2016, the shops were bought by South African retailer, the Foschini Group, who I am coincidently quite familiar with. Whistles headquarters and their buying office remain in the UK. Like many retailers these days, they have a strategy in place to be ethically responsible and sustainable.

I’ve been a Whistles fan for a long time. I have had many fun Whistles items in my wardrobe over the years. I am particularly fond of their dresses because the quality is up to scratch, and they fit me really well. Tailored but not too tight, well-made, often lined, nice fabrics, trendy classic integrity, lots of A-lines and flared silhouettes for ease of movement, interesting design details, adequate coverage and not too skimpy, and many with reasonably long hemlines.

The only reason I don’t have a couple of Whistles dresses in my wardrobe at the moment is because the seasonal colours and patterns are not my cup of tea. The fits, quality, and silhouettes have been spot on though, so I keep the dress brand on my radar. At some point the patterns and colours will be to my taste, and I’ll snap up a yummy frock.

Sizes run for a US0 to US12, or UK4 to UK16. I’ve found them to run true to size, although some clients find them to run narrow in the shoulder and bust. I wish their size curve was more inclusive, and hope that the brand evolves in that direction. Dress prices are fairly high, but there are discounts galore right now. I’m seeing prices as low as 70% off. I don’t think Whistles UK is shipping to the US or Canada at the moment. But you can get some of their dresses at Nordstrom and Bloomingdale’s.

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