I bat for Team Naked Nails and don’t wear nail polish. But I do though keep a bottle of nail polish remover in the house, because it’s an excellent remover of very specific stains on very specific wardrobe items. 

I saturate a ball of cotton wool with nail polish remover, and gently use it to take the stains and scuffs off footwear and other items that are made of leather, patent leather, and silicone.

Patent Leather Footwear

I have red and cream patent boots that are wardrobe workhorses. They are surprisingly robust, yet every so often scuff marks appear on the leather. Nail polish remover magically removes them, and they once again look polished and new.

White Leather Footwear and Bags

Removing scuff marks from white footwear and bags generally works magically, but you have to be cautious and gentle. Sometimes you remove the white of the leather, so test a little area first and continue if things seem okay. But use a damp cloth to try to remove scuffs first. If that doesn’t work, haul out the big guns.

Nail polish remover can also remove, or at least take the edge off, blue stains caused by denim dye. You need to rub those pesky stains a little more rigourously, and sometimes it takes a couple of tries.

Silicone Apple Watch Strap and iPhone Cases

My white Apple Watch strap and iPhone case get a little grimy, but nail polish remover cleans things right up. They effectively sparkle like new, and do not turn yellow.

Is there anything in your wardrobe that you clean with nail polish remover?