Here in Seattle we’re six weeks into working and staying at home with almost everything around us shut down. Time passes slowly, yet the days fly by. Things feel a little surreal, but we are getting used to the new normal. One of the changes I notice is the new street style of sheltering in place. 

We live in a loft apartment that is close to the waterfront in downtown Seattle. We don’t go anywhere except for Yorkie Sam’s short walks and the very occasional run to the pharmacy or grocery store. We are surrounded by other residential apartment blocks, restaurants, and small businesses (most of which are closed and boarded up).

The street style around here across all ages is VERY casual. Many people are wearing sports gear and Athleisure in neutral colours. Lots of leggings, yoga pants, joggers, sweat pants, T-shirts, sweatshirts, shorts, fleece, puffers, sneakers, caps, beanies, Birkenstocks with socks, flip-flops, pool slides, and Lululemon type outfits. People who are running and cycling are in appropriate athletic attire. Lots of headphones and smart phones out too.

Some are in casual wear like jeans, knitwear, boots, sneakers, bombers, parkas and utility jackets. Or utility pants with tees and sweatshirts, denim jackets and sneakers. And there’s a good portion of grungy all-black plus Seattle plaid in the mix. Some venture out onto the street in pyjamas and bedroom slippers, especially early in the morning or late at night while walking dogs.

Far fewer people are in dressy attire, or what I would call a fashionable and trendy outfit. I haven’t seen a single person in heels or business attire since the first week of March. Recent gloriously sunny, mild and warm Spring weather has amped up the style quotient around here though. Some bright and cheerful pastel dresses, skirts, wide crops, trench coats and blouses are coming out to play. The seasonally confused combination of “puffer + beanie + shorts + flip-flops” is ever present.

Facial masks are highly recommended in the state of Washington, but not mandatory (yet). About a third of the people are wearing masks, or scarves as masks, as they walk or work out in our area. You see more mask-wearing people at grocery stores and pharmacies.

I am always on the side of the wearer. Now more than ever, I believe that people should wear what makes them feel good, strong, happy, healthy, and calm. This means different things to different people, and it’s all good. Personally, I’m all dressed up with nowhere to go. I’ve continued to wear my pretty and dressy everyday clothes as I work, organize, cook, clean, sanitize, and watch the news at home, or take Sam out for walks. Dressing the way I usually do — but with at-home-only sneakers instead of slippers or outdoor shoes — helps me cope and calms my nerves. It creates a sense of routine and structure that I crave, and makes me feel productive and in control. My spirits are lifted in a small but meaningful way. Believe it or not, I am a LOT more comfortable wearing my regular pretty clothes than sports gear or Athleisure while I’m at home. Horses for courses, always!

I’ve been showing our forum my stay-at-home outfit of the day (OOTD). Yorkie Sam models my outfits with me, and adds a very impactful stylish touch. So if you want to know what I’m wearing in my neighborhood, check it out.

Over to you. What’s the street style like in your neighbourhood, and how does it differ from mine?