It’s important to find the silver linings as we navigate these stressful and surreal times. Finding the positive, no matter how small, helps to keep me calm, strong, and focussed on spreading joy rather than fear. I’m going to share some of the silver linings I have found over the last couple of weeks. I’ve included some things that go beyond fashion and style, so advanced warning that it goes a little off topic.

The biggest silver lining in all of this, by far, is that my little family of three — hubs Greg, Yorkie Sam, and me — is together in our Seattle home. Since Greg normally works out of town most weeks, we are apart a lot. But with the current restrictions on travel, Greg is spending all of his time working from home with me and Sam. It’s quite magical.

Sam is happiest when his pack of three is together, so he thinks it’s Christmas! Going for daily walks as a little nucleus of three, and lapping up attention from the BOTH of us all day is Samtopia. His extra happiness is therapeutic, in turn, is therapeutic for us.

Life has slowed down because during lockdown, neither of us have to be somewhere other than at home in the morning. Although I get up at the same time, I don’t need to rush. I take my time with physical therapy exercises, taking Sam out, getting ready, cleaning up, and making breakfast. For now, I welcome the slowdown.

Spring has sprung and Seattle is sunny, beautiful, calm, and the views from our loft are as soothing as ever. Gardens look luscious, flowers are blossoming, grass is green, and birds are singing with their very best voices. It reached 16 °C (61F) last week, which is brilliant for this time of year. Walking outside without the cold, wind and rain is a treat. And our indoor and balcony plants are looking great, so perhaps I’m finally developing green fingers.

I love to cook up a storm, and am doing just that. I make three reasonably healthy and tasty meals a day with the ingredients that I have on hand. There is some meal planning, but not much. I’m doing interesting things with leftovers, using every scrap of food, and freezing a lot more than I used to. I like the creativity and spontaneity of our menu, and document some of it on Instagram and stories if you’re interested.

After a fall last November, yoga has been replaced by 40 minutes of daily physical therapy. Recently the PT moved to every second day, and I have finally been able to add a slow and meditative yoga routine on the off days. I have missed it so much, and I’m very glad to have it back in my life. 

Greg and I find things to laugh about all the time. Being together at home so much means that we can share more and laugh more together, which is good for the head, heart and soul. It makes it even more of a pleasure to be in each other’s company 24/7.

Walking into my walk-in closet continues to give me pleasure. It’s organized, sunny, and bursting with my happy colours that spark joy. My functional and fab-for-me wardrobe allows me to have fun putting together daily lockdown outfits and dressing up, even though I have nowhere to go. I do not leave items for good, and wear my beautiful things because it makes me feel prepared, productive, and “normal” for the day. Routine and structure is important to me, and so too is being well groomed at home. I’m making my wardrobe work hard, because why not!

My hair salon might be closed for months, so I’ll probably have some sort of asymmetrical, layered bob by July. That’s unexpected, and I’m intrigued at how I’ll be styling my hair through the growth phase. I haven’t had a bob for decades so this will be an interesting hair adventure.

Troubled and stressful times are sobering. They give me an acute perspective on what is important in my life, and what is not. They make me even more grateful for what I have, allowing me to minimize the cobwebs in my head. This makes me stronger, better and nicer person, which is a plus for those around me too.

Over to you. Please share your own silver linings with us in the comments below.