One of my style goals in 2020 is to update, refresh and replenish wardrobe basics. Bra shopping is the priority and I’m excited about it. I have loved pretty bras since I was a little girl. I vividly remember being in awe of the lacy sets I saw in magazines and shop windows back in the ‘70s, and couldn’t wait to be developed enough to wear them. 

I enjoy wearing and shopping for bras, not just because of how they look, but because they make me feel like I’m caring for my body. It’s therapeutic and nurturing somehow. They provide a hidden yet important touch of polish to an outfit. Most importantly, bras add comfort, modesty and structure to my style, and are extremely practical.

I know my correct bra size and how bras should fit, so I can exploit the assortment and styles available when ordering online. This time around I ordered many pretty bras, just for fun, to change things up from my usual bra style. I wasn’t in any rush, and enjoyed the process of venturing out and maximizing my options. I also ordered from ThirdLove because of all the good things I have heard about their bras and customer experience.

Long story short, nothing fit as well, looked as good on its own and under tops, or was as comfortable as the Simone Perele Caresse Underwire Plunge Bra that I’ve been wearing and replenishing for years. So I replenished my bra capsule with the same bras rather than ending up with something new. It’s the only 30D bra that I’ve tried so far that fits, because it runs small in the band and cups. The straps and cups aren’t widely set, so the straps don’t fall off my narrow shoulders and the cups don’t gape at the sides.

I knew that the likelihood of other styles of 30D bras fitting well was small, because my true bra size is a 28D and is very hard to find. I’ve been to Nordstrom many times to be refitted and to try on their assortments, and its always the same story. All other 30Ds are too big in the band and cups, and a 30C doesn’t work either. 28Ds are not stocked in stores. ThirdLove offers half cup sizes and small band sizes, and I returned and exchanged several sizes and bras with them to see if something would work. Although I liked the look and quality of their bras, and understand why many are devoted to the brand, nothing worked.

I’m not complaining. I adore the Simone Perele Caresse bras I’ve been wearing for years. They couldn’t be a better fit or more comfortable. They are reasonably pretty too. It would be fun to change things up, or get the same bra in some non-neutrals with knickers to match. But I’m grateful to have a perfect solution when others battle to find bras that are comfortable or that they feel good in. I empathize because bras are very hard to fit perfectly and comfortably, and they’re workhorses for most. Bralettes are an option, but not it you prefer the visual impact and support of an underwire bra like I do.

I might continue shopping for bra alternatives later this year, but for now, a bra change is not on the cards. Over to you. Tell us about your most recent bra shopping experience in the comments below.