This outfit formula is for Team Polka Dots, so look away if you bat for Team Stripes. Maybe you bat for both teams like me, in which case I vote bring on the dots in any wardrobe item and give stripes the day off. Or pattern mix a two-tone polka dot with any pattern in a similar palette. 

Black & white polka dots are a classic, and probably easiest on the eyes as the dots increase in size. I like to think of polka dots as gorgeously geometric as opposed to juvenile and clown-like. Here are some easy outfits with black and white polka dot items.

1. Dotty Blouse

Combine a white and black polka dot blouse with a pair of black bottoms, a black topper, and metallic footwear. By all means switch the black and white around by wearing a black and white polka dot top with white jeans. Throw in leopard shoes or a red topper, if that’s more to your taste.

Eloquii Tie Neck Blouse

2. Dotty Skirt

Combine a black and white skirt with a white tee, black moto and white sneakers. Here, the skirt is a romantic midi and the tee has a slogan on it, but you can opt for a pencil skirt and solid tee. A blush pink, red, cobalt blue, or denim jacket can work too. Or maybe a red or blush tee instead of the white. Feel free to throw in your Docs because it’s looking awfully ‘90s.

Topshop Black And White Spot Wrap Midi Skirt

3. Dotty Frock

Dotty frocks are dead easy. Pop it on and throw in black or white footwear to match. Or sport metallic, red, burgundy, and animal print footwear instead. Add a denim jacket, blazer, or coat over the top, and hosiery if you’re cold. The neutrality of the black and white dot allows you to accent it with just about any colour and pattern, so be creative. Or keep it simple.

Topshop Ruffle Hem Shirtdress

4. Dotty Topper

And last, combine a black and white polka dot jacket with black pants, and break up the black with a white slogan tee. A red and white, or navy and white striped tee could work well too. Finish things off with footwear that works with the outfit. Here, the trendy high-rise belted pants are begging for a tucked top, but you can choose a combination of top and bottom that’s untucked. I love the pop of red in this outfit, although feel free to leave it out. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

FILLES A PAPA Polka-dot Blazer