A pair of robust slip-on rain boots was on my shopping list, so the search started in earnest this year. I wanted a short pair of rubber Wellington boots — or “wellies” — that were fun, lightweight, comfortable, not too wide, and didn’t break the bank. I stumbled across BOBS from Skechers Rain Check Boots, and was instantly drawn in because they’re covered in dogs. Most importantly, they had a Yorkshire Terrier in the pattern. The Yorkie even looks a bit like our precious Sam.

Dog Wellies

The pair that came were too big and wide for my low-volume feet. I ordered a size down, popped in an extra insole to take up some width, and Bob’s your uncle. The BOBS are brilliant wellies. More brilliantly, when you purchase BOBS, Skechers makes a donation to save the lives of dogs and cats. Hence the reason BOBS rain boots, slippers, sneakers and flats are covered in dog and cat patterns.

The look is an acquired taste. A little juvenile, busy, and quirky for some, and not very sophisticated. That doesn’t bother me one bit. Despite their enormous comfort, the pattern and cause pull at my heart strings, which is ample good reason for me to love them. I wear my BOBS wellies with pride on very wet walks with Sam. Why not!