love dressy wardrobe items because they’re very versatile if you’re prepared to wear them dressed down and daily too. That way you get the biggest bang for your fashion buck, and can enjoy dressy items despite a smart casual or casual lifestyle. 

There are many ways to dress down a dressy skirt. Adding a denim shirt, denim jacket, moto, sneakers, combat boots, flats, a tee, sweatshirt, slouchy knitwear, or a casual crossbody bag to the outfit are some of them.

Here are four sassy, dressy and classic skirts that are dressed down to create an interesting and more relaxed look.

1. Soft Tough Edge

A tough and hard-edged pleated pleather skirt is combined with a soft, fluid and refined pullover creating a yummy juxtaposition. A crisp white shirt layered under the pullover adds formality, structure and interest. The semi tuck adds waist definition, and the tailored black heeled boots amp back up the dressy. Add hosiery and a coat for warmth and you’re good to go.

Violeta Long Raglan Sleeve Sweater

2. Cheeky Classic

A classic, prim and proper tweed pencil skirt is untamed by dressing it down with a semi-tucked slogan tee, faded denim jacket, and snakeskin boots. A moto jacket will work as well. The pattern mix of the snakeskin and tweed is interesting. Nude hosiery will keep you warm. You can take this outfit formula and replicate it in any colour palette and with all sorts of patterns. Granted, mild weather is essential.

Violeta Printed Message T-shirt

3. Cosy Polished Prairie

This caught my eye because it’s a very unusual mix. A chunky pullover is tucked into a Western and folkloric tiered skirt and finished off with tailored laced-up heeled boots. Creative! Tall cowboy boots would look good too. Or a fine gauge pullover instead of the bulky cable knit. Pop a long coat or parka over the top and Bob’s your uncle.

Whistles Hilde Tiered Denim Skirt

4. Stompy Cocktail

I adore this type of dramatic, dressy, and big skirt. It screams cocktail wear, AND urban funk when dressed down so that you can run around and get on with your day. A slouchy pullover with matching flat stompy boots pulls the outfit together and loosens up the formality of the skirt. Add hosiery and a tailored long wool coat for warmth. A casual bag will relax the look further. Add jewellery, watch, and headgear as desired.

STINE GOYA Laila Metallic Floral-jacquard Midi Skirt