It’s become tradition to ring out the Link Love year with a collection of style-related stories that didn’t quite fit into the themed Link Love posts we published throughout the year, but are worth sharing anyway. Have fun browsing!

Fab Links from Our Members

This article about returned online purchases often going to landfill distressed Suz, and makes her rethink the way she sometimes shops.

How to wear scarves ‘right’, nuancedream thinks many people wear scarves as an afterthought: “Just a little bit of effort would make them look so much better.”

Kari adds that “MaiTai has the best collection of scarf tutorials and inspiration pictures that I’ve ever seen for folks looking to wear scarves in a creative way.”

Slim cat wanted to share this article about how millennials are changing the perfume business.

The Cat thought this blog post by Imogen might be of interest to those of us who want to identify their type (e.g. according to the Kibbe system, or Myers Briggs) or improve their style.

Vildy was bursting into laughter with this long, humorous thread from reddit Female Fashion Advice about outfit misinterpretations.