Or, Kibbe for Dummies (and I'm the dummy)

So, on this thread, we got into a super-fun sidebar about Kibbe types. I had been told I was a Theatrical Romantic, which confused me but then, things do This was challenged (kindly and quite correctly!) by notsaf and Suz.

Notsaf shared a helpful quiz found here: https://13perfectshapes.wordpr.....e-version/
which seems to have sparked fun and interest, hence the new thread.

Sarah asked an interesting question about Kibbe vs. style monikers - how do they connect? For my part, I was told I could have a classic personality and still be a theatrical romantic body type - but certainly it's helpful when the two are the same! What do you think?

Per notsaf's hesitation to start a thread about this - I certainly am not qualified to moderate this thread with any expertise - but as usual I'm sure the collective knowledge and wisdom of the group will make this fun and interesting. So, take the quiz (if you don't know), share your type, share your musings, ask your questions - let's have some Kibbe fun!

ETA - credit to Carla for the idea to start a new thread and have some fun with these concepts - hope it's ok I ran with it