On this Thanksgiving Eve in the US, we’re going to poll your footwear preferences. You are on Team Black Shoes if you prefer wearing black shoes to red or white shoes, and vice versa. Note that white shoes refers to any shade of white, and that white sneakers count. Red shoes can mean any shade of red so burgundy shoes count too. Because it’s Thanksgiving tomorrow, you can bat for one, two or three teams. No sitting this one out on the bench which means that everyone can play.

I have one pair of black shoes. A old pair of hi-top Converse with cream soles and laces that have been demoted to very muddy walks and trails. I do not enjoy wearing black shoes, and do not purchase them. I have an old pair of burgundy boots that come out from time to time. I have two pairs of bright red shoes that have seen a lot of action this year. An old pair of classic loafers, and a new pair of trendy patent booties. I have many, many pairs of shoes in shades of white because white shoes are my thing. I’ve been wearing white shoes all my life, and they’re part of my signature style. I have white boots, shooties, pumps, loafers, sandals, ballet flats, sneakers and snow boots. In fact, most of my footwear is some shade of white.

Although white shoes are very heavily represented in my wardrobe, I’m wearing my bright red footwear as frequently this year. I wore my red loafers more than my white in Summer, and my red boots get as much action as my white boots. So I’m batting for Team White and Team Red Shoes. Greg has multiple pairs of red sneakers that are signature to his style, and he likes to wear black Dr. Martens. So he’s batting for Team Red and Black Shoes. My clients probably bat for Team Black and Red Shoes, although Team White Shoes is gaining momentum because of fabulous white fashion sneakers that can be worn with just about anything. 

Over to you. Which footwear team or teams do you bat for, and tell us why?

We at YLF also wish our American Fabbers a happy, fun, peaceful, delicious, safe and festive long Thanksgiving weekend. We will take a break from posting tomorrow, but are back on Friday with a sales roundup.