Make a statement with glorious solids. This week’s outfit formula is about wearing light neutrals from head to toe, or almost head to toe. It’s the flip side to last week’s Dark Neutral Monochrome outfit formula. Sub the dark neutrals with light neutrals and Bob’s your uncle. On to some looks, and I’ll take the first two outfits please. 

1. Vanilla Milkshake

Combine luxurious Winter white items from neck to foot for what I think is an absolutely stunning look. Not too practical, so be careful. This is not an everyday outfit! Here, a shimmery midi skirt is paired with a tucked pullover. Tall slouchy dressy boots and a short fuzzy coat are the finishing touches. The short length of the coat, the diagonal hem of the skirt, and the slim fit of the pullover create structure. The column of cream elongates the outfit, and so do the heels. The whites are almost the same, but not exactly, which does work. What works particularly well is that the fabrics of the items are equally luxurious.

Harley Asymmetric Satin Skirt

2. Creamy Panna Cotta

This Sporty Luxe combination is my favourite, and I’ve worn a similar outfit with cream boots. Combine a cream top with cream pants and a cream topper. Finish off the look with white sneakers or cream boots, and a cream bag. The pants needn’t be cropped. Again, the creams and oatmeals do not need to be an exact match. The fabrics of the clothing are equally luxe, which help pull together this look.

Scarletta Wool Blend Teddy Coat

3. Cappuccino and Hazelnut Wafer

Here, most of the outfit is cream and oatmeal, but things deepen a little with the addition of taupe, and darken a lot with hazelnut. A hazelnut bag that complements the boots and belt could be nice. The high contrast of the brown items remixed with the creams might be more your cup of tea, rather than keeping the entire outfit light. The darker browns do add warmth and depth. The tall boots keep you insulated in cropped pants, and the aviator style shearling topper is a trendy flashback to the ‘90s. The pleated high-waist pants are fably ‘80s.

Solene Shearling Jacket with Quilted Panels

4. Toffee, Caramel and Chocolate Delight

Last, this neutral combination is light compared to dark neutrals, but dark relative to the three predominantly white outfits above. I threw it in for those who prefer their earthy light neutrals as dark as toffee, caramel and milk chocolate. These colours are tonal despite their differences, and work really well. The olive footwear is an unexpected touch. Any shade of brown or cream boot could work too. They’ve shown a dressy version, but a casual version is just as fab. Make this a dress or skirt look if that’s more your thing. Add jewellery, watch, eyewear and headgear as desired.

Sabel Wool Blend Overcoat