The season for long and extra long puffer coats lies ahead for many of us. Long puffers come in a range of thicknesses and lengths, so it’s not an item reserved only for extreme arctic weather conditions. That said, it has to be very cold for me to haul out my own long puffers because they’re very warm, thick and heavy. I don’t have mid-weight long puffer coats, and therefore wear my short puffers more frequently.

If you’re into wearing long puffers regularly, and you don’t need to resort to snow boots most of the time, you might like these outfit combinations. I thought they were interesting, very pulled together, and a little different from the norm. The puffers are a deliberate match with the outfit and not an afterthought. And in many cases, there are hidden ways to stay warm.

1. Easy Layers and Trendy Denim

This is the easiest combination to pull together because black is the most popular colour for a long puffer coat. Combine a pair of trendy jeans with a fun non-neutral pullover and top the items off with a black puffer and black boots. Here, the trendy jeans are wide and cuffed. Add long and thick black socks for warmth since the jeans are cropped. A beanie and bag in fun colours or black get my vote. Or switch out the black to charcoal or ink blue.

COS Hooded Long Puffer Coat

2. Matchy Top and Topper with a Skirt

The beauty of this combination lies in the matchy-matchy twinset effect of the pullover and puffer, AND the scarf and hat. It’s very effective, especially since the puffer and pullover are a non-neutral and create a high contrast with the accessories. The bottom of the outfit is neutral, although quite high contrast too. Tights add warmth, and flat sturdy boots ground the volume of the outfit.

OSKA Coat Kulan 902

3. Light and Earthy

A column of Winter white worn with shades of brown looks rich and chic, and is my favourite of the lot. Combine light neutral separates with a long brown puffer and bag, and you’re sorted. The dressy flared pants can be sported at the new shorter full length so that they don’t get soiled or soggy. The sneakers are a great way to dress down the pants. Fabulous Sporty Luxe.

VINCE Quilted Shell Down Hooded Coat

4. Sporty Casual

Go Team White Jeans in Winter. The sporty and casual but not athletic integrity of this outfit is fun and it is my second favourite of the bunch. What I like best is how some of the items match perfectly, while others are a complementary mismatch. The white jeans are a mismatch with the cream cardigan. The green stripe and green puffer mismatch, and so do the blues of the stripe and boots. But the yellows match perfectly, and bring it all together. Have fun with stripes, shades of white and a bright puffer, and put your own version together of this outfit. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Benetton Long Padded Jacket with High Neck