We’re used to tucking very tight leggings, jeggings and skinnies into tall and mid-calf boots to create a sleek and streamlined look. But what about tucking roomier and wider jeans and pants into boots? The combination is coming through as a fringe trend, and is looking fashion-forward at the moment. 

The outfit above on the left takes me back to 1985, which is when I wore a similar look with the addition of scrunched leg warmers, but with flat boots. I liked it, and still like it. It’s quite dramatic, highlights the waist, but leaves loads of comfy room around the rest of the leg. The outfit on the right is a pair of relaxed straights tucked into tall slouchy dressy boots. I’ve never worn that combination, but I like it too. It would certainly solve my endless fit challenge of tall boots that are too wide in the calves. Both examples are practical by preventing soggy hems in wet weather.

There’s a similar vibe that tucks baggy pleated pants into mid-calf cowboy boots. It’s another flashback to the ‘80s, and looks equally fab to my eye. It’s not just my nostalgic ‘80s heart that makes me like these combinations. It’s also that they look fresh, “new’, and celebrate that almost anything goes in fashion and style these days. It’s harder and harder to look dated, and trends are becoming less and less relevant. Personally, I’m all for this fashion direction.

Mango Straight Textured Trousers

I have the baggy bottoms to create a similar vibe, but don’t have the right style of boots. Since I’m just about done with Fall and Winter shopping, I’ll be admiring this trend on others. It’s fun, and I hope to see it on some of our forum members. Over to you. Did you tuck baggy pants and jeans into boots in the ‘80s’, and would you wear the combination today?