I’m enjoying reading through all the instalments of the In Her Shoes series on The Cut website. It’s “a column about what real women wear when they need to get things done.” Here are 3 examples:

The shaving company executive who loves combat boots.

How a sports documentary filmmaker dresses for work.

What a Chicago-based art advocate wears to work. I love what she said when asked about her style evolution:

“I feel like I wear everything differently — I’m so much more generous with myself now than I was when I was first getting started. I feel equal parts more confident, resilient, and humbled. I know what I bring to the table in the same way that I know exactly how I want to improve. I’m aware that I can be both tender and motivated and that those things don’t need to be in opposition. It’s made styling myself feel so much more spacious and freeing. That said, I want people to feel like I’m their best friend — someone funny that you want to get a drink with and dish.”

Fab Links from Our Members

Joy directs us to this blog post elaborating on the Pantone colours for Spring/Summer 2020.

Shevia thought this was a good, straightforward explanation of some of the issues with sustainable fashion.

Nordstrom just opened a huge store in New York City. Aquamarine wonders if this is an optimistic gamble.

Elpgal found this article about the Nordstrom dynasty quite interesting.

For the second year in a row, New Zealand lingerie brand Lonely is featuring a woman over 50 in their campaign. Jenni NZ says: “Good on them, I like seeing someone without a perfect body modelling lingerie, I can relate better!”

Vildy liked this article about Melbourne-based designer Kara Kupe, who is the woman behind the inclusive and sustainable underwear brand Bare.

Jess enjoyed this post with Fall outfit ideas and trends, and this post about experimenting with classic belts for Autumn.

kkards recently came across these two articles about how good Stitch Fix is or is not, and where it goes from here. She adds: “I’m interested because I’ve always wondered how far this ‘algorithm’ thing could go… especially now that Amazon seems to be getting into the game, and the rental business seems to be expanding. Based on both of these articles, I’m left wondering if there is a long-term future here. But then again, I’m not the target customer.”

Vildy liked this video review of 4 subscription services, including Stitch Fix, that goes into whether they “got” the reviewer or not based on how she was allowed to express her preferences.