I enjoyed the varied palettes of these earthy outfits, and wanted to share them. Tan, toffee, cinnamon, cognac and chocolate are gorgeous worn together, or remixed with other colours. If you enjoy wearing shades of brown, these combinations are for you. 

1. Mixed Neutrals

Combine a pair of black OR dark blue pants with a cinnamon top. Finish things off with a tan or toffee topper, chocolate brown bag, and white sneakers. Choose a skirt or pair of jeans if pants aren’t your thing. The coat can be substituted with a jacket or cardigan. Opting for brown boots or loafers to match the bag is another way to go. I love this palette on warm brunettes. Quiet, yet interesting.

M&S COLLECTION Crocodile Effect Shopper Bag

2. Browns with Red, Pink and Blue

Shades of dark red like ruby, claret, cranberry, wine and burgundy are great with rich shades of orange-y brown like this cinnamon. Beautifully matched with the model’s hair too. The patterned skirt adds a brighter red, pink, blue and some off-white into the mix. The result is modern, unexpected, creative, and my favourite of the four. Try to pull together a similar colour palette if you have the pieces and colours. If solids are your thing, combine navy bottoms or dark blue jeans with a cinnamon top and dark red topper. Finish things off with dark red or cognac footwear. And throw in a pale pink or bright red bag.

Anthropologie Petula Puff Sleeved Moto Jacket

3. Cinnamon and Cobalt

If you’re a cool-toned gal who likes to wear cobalt, try a cobalt blouse or pullover with earthy bottoms in a shade of brown. Wearing a cobalt top keeps the palette cool near your face. Brown footwear, bag and tortoiseshell jewellery are a nice way to finish off the look. Blue streaked hair could be a nice touch. I like the earthy lippie here too. This rendition is a fab way to wear Fall in hot weather.

Eloquii High Waisted Trouser with Belt

4. Browns and Black

And last, combining shades of brown with black is a classic. Here the black and brown patterned skirt was begging for a black support act – easy! The buttoned-through short cardigan is a great way to top a flared skirt because it’s short and fairly fitted thereby creating structure above the volume of the flare. The tall boots are sleek and dressy, and the beret is another classic touch. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Peruvian Connection Haiku Skirt