Gone are the days that wearing an earth-toned palette was reserved for Autumn. Wear earth tones year round, in any season, and in any wardrobe item. Earth tones have been widely available for a few seasons, and it’s especially fun to see them come through for Summer. If you enjoy wearing earth tones, milk the season before they disappear.

Here are four Summer earth-toned outfits that caught my eye, and might inspire you to put a similar look together.

1. Earthy Dress, Accents and Denim

Combine an earthy Summer frock with a boho felt hat and cognac footwear. Top it off with a denim jacket when things get breezy by the water or in air conditioning. The blue of the denim adds a cool-toned touch to the warmth of the mustard, brown and cognac, which creates a yummy balance to my eye. Brown tortoiseshell jewellery could work well here too.

Maeve Gillian Tiered Maxi Dress

2. Earthy Top

This is as easy as it gets. Combine an earth-toned top with a pair of denim shorts or blue jeans, and finish things off with a pair of black or white shoes. The mix of warm earth tone with graphic denim and black & white is a nice juxtaposition.

Eloquii Split Front Tunic Top

3. Crisp Earth Tones

This is my favourite of the four because the palette combines white and turquoise with the earth tones, thereby adding a fresh and crisp component. Wear an earth-toned top with white bottoms and blue shoes and see what happens. Here, the palette is gorgeously matchy-matchy with the model’s hair. Nice statement earrings too.

Spark Tunic and Scarf

4. Earthy Flow

And last, combine bottoms in an earthy pattern with an earth-toned top that picks up a colour in the pattern. Here, the white shoes are unexpected, and I like the effect. The black bag effectively picks up the black in the model’s hair. Fab breezy and flowing silhouettes for hot weather. Make sure you don’t trip over the hems of those pants.

Zara Asymmetric Halter Top

I LOVE warm-toned colours, but don’t gravitate towards earth tones because I prefer Spring colours to Autumn colours. That said, I do wear them. Usually in the form of cognac footwear and a belt. I enjoy wearing white jeans with cognac boots and oxfords, or cinnamon pants with white footwear. In the Autumn and Winter I wear olive, brown leopard print, and burgundy but mix it up with sour brights, French blue, light blue, navy, or white so that it looks less earthy and more crisp. I don’t wear mustard because it’s not my yellow, but am open to adding cinnamon and will remix it with red, orange, fuschia, navy, light blue, denim, and shades of white.

Over to you. Do you wear earth tones, and do you wear them in the Summer?