Before you think that these outfits aren’t flattering on your body type, let me suggest that these silhouettes are BEYOND body type. I’ve seen petite, tall, slight, plus size, straight, curvy, short-legged, long-legged, short-waisted, long-waisted, apple-shaped, and large-busted women wear these silhouettes flawlessly. It’s all about whether you like the drapey, architectural, arty and unstructured effect, or not. If you do, the combinations are excellent in hot weather when you don’t want to wear dresses, shorts and skirts.

Lantern pants are wide, or very wide, but they taper a little or a lot on the hems which gives them some structure. They can be easier to wear and style than wide crops because of this detail. Lengths are cropped and vary from calf to ankle. Here are four easy lantern pants looks if you own a pair, or would like to. The pants look better with flats to my eye, so I was happy to see them styled that way. Pay attention to the fabric, because it affects the level of volume of the silhouette.

1. Arty Drape

This is the most drapey of the four because of the cascading flounce of the top, which creates even more volume with the lantern pants. Both top and bottom are made of knitted jersey which causes the volume to collapse back onto the body, thereby offsetting some volume. The sleeveless style adds structure and offsets the bold horizontal stripes of the top. The black and white shoes echo the palette of the clothing which helps pull the look together.

Liz Ankle Pant

2. Soft Boxy Drape

These lantern pants are made of a very soft linen that offsets some of the volume. The top is made of a similar fabric that helps pull together the outfit. The top is boxy and hangs like a tent, which is the point. A bit of forearm skin and side vents hint at some structure. The open sandals add structure by showcasing skin, and the chunky pendant adds vertical integrity.

Linen Riviera Pant

3. Semi-Structured Drape

This is the most structured version of the three, because the lantern pants are less slouchy and taper more on the lower leg. They almost look like joggers. The oversized top is semi-tucked to showcase some waist and lengthen the leg line. Flat black thong sandals work well with the black in the rest of the outfit, and add structure to the outfit.

Zara Slouchy Plaid Pants

4. Stiff Boxy Drape

This is the most avant-garde combination because of the boxy volume and stiffness of the fabrics. The chunky sandals further accentuate that vibe. The look is quite jarring, but that’s the point. It’s dramatic and strict in an unusual way, and an acquired taste. You could soften the outfit by adding a soft boxy knit top, or fitted tank top, and daintier sandals. The black bookending of hair and soles of the sandals is effective. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

COS Voluminous Cropped Trousers

I think these looks are great and have clients that wear it well. It’s fun helping them put their outfits together because we don’t allow the volume to boss us around. I’d prefer to wear a pretty dress or skirt, but applaud the diversity of style. If this is your look, milk it and enjoy.