Recently I enjoyed these three articles in The Guardian:

The curated ear, “a craze for multiple ear piercings, in unusual placements — that has arguably replaced tattoos as the body adornment du jour”, is all the rage these days.

From the man who wears 17th-century clothes to the woman whose outfits are straight out of the 1950s, six people explain their deep devotion to period dress.

With Wimbledon in full swing, The Guardian looks back at the most noteworthy styles on the tennis court, with women like Dorothea Lambert Chambers who won 7 times between 1903 and 1914 wearing three petticoats and a corset!

Fab Links from Our Members

Fashintern is looking forward to watching this costume drama that is reclaiming the truth about women of colour in Tudor England.

kkards liked this article about political branding because “it devoted time and attention to both male and female candidates, talked about how perception is so important, and really talked about how we brand ourselves. Which is so important, whether you are running for president or just trying to get promoted.”

Shevia thought this was a good primer on how intellectual property law and fashion intercede.

Barbara Diane had heard of floral arrangements to complement artwork but this is new to her.

Toban recommends this older article in The Atlantic on the do’s and don’ts of cultural appropriation, which is a topic that occasionally comes up on the forum.

Vildy enjoyed this in-depth review of the new Netflix comedy series Dressing Funny, where the host tries to dress the celebrity guest in casual wear that is more and more ridiculous until they purportedly “look amazing.”