It seems possible to find fault with almost every sunscreen. Harmful chemicals, skin irritations, allergies, unpleasant textures, ineffective sun protection factors, unsightly white residues, greasy finishes, and overly drying formulas. 

In a recent post I asked readers for their favourite sunscreen. There was a wealth of information in the replies and here’s a summary.

  1. Read the Environmental Working Group’s annual guide to sunscreen products to get information on the the safety and effectiveness of sunscreens. EWG is a non-profit organization that does research on the safety of consumer products for your health and our environment, and their guide is well worth a read.
  2. Mineral based sunscreens were a favourite because they are supposed to be better for your skin. That said, many are using chemical sunscreens because they are effective, work well with their skin, absorb beautifully, and don’t leave an unsightly white residue. Bottom line: you have to go with what works best for your type of skin and lifestyle. That might mean trying out different options until you find just the right one.
  3. Below is a collection of winning sunscreens from our readership. They vary greatly in price and composition. Some are mineral based and some are not. Some are great for oily skin, and some are better for dry skin. The SPF factors vary greatly too. I was happy to see that many recommended the same sunscreens and that the reviews are stellar. Read the reviews and take your pick.

I’m sticking with Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer Dry Touch for now because it works well for me. When our tubes are finished, I’ll go for one of the mineral based sunscreens on this list. Feel free to add to the list in the comments section.