365 days a year, come rain, shine, snow, ice, wind or storm, I wear sunscreen on my face and neck. This is in addition to the tinted moisturizer I apply that has built-in SPF 20. It has been a way of life for 25 years, and will continue to be. In the Summer when I’m less covered, I put sunscreen on my hands, arms, ankles and feet too. 

The best way to prevent sunburn is to wear a hat and protective clothing, or stay out of the sun entirely. But I enjoy walking, have a doggy who needs daily walks, and don’t always want to wear a hat. I am good at wearing covered clothing in the heat because I don’t like the sun belting down onto my skin.

I’ve tried many sunscreens over the years. I settle on one for a year or two and change things up when I get new information or a better recommendation, or when my skin reacts. It is confusing because it seems possible to find fault with almost every sunscreen. Harmful chemicals, skin irritations, allergies, unpleasant textures, ineffective sun protection factors, unsightly white residues, greasy finishes, and the list goes on. What should be an easy purchase is becoming awfully complex.

I don’t have skin allergies to sunscreen, nor do I mind an oily lotion because my skin absorbs oil quite well. I do mind the white residue, and I don’t like zinc. I keep coming back to Neutrogena’s Ultra Sheer SPF 70 sunscreen because it feels best on my skin, REALLY works, and does not leave white residue. It’s sheer, light and very effective. But it’s not a mineral based sunscreen, which is supposed to be better for your skin. So I tried Cera Ve’s Hydrating SPF50 sunscreen because that’s 100% mineral based, and my dermatologist likes Cera Ve products.

The problem is that it feels and looks awful. It has the texture of muddy toothpaste, and the white residue does not go away. I don’t think the skin absorbs the potion, which I guess is the point. I can’t get used to the texture and my ghostlike appearance, so I’m back to using Neutrogena. 

I’d like to hear which sunscreens you’re using, and why they work well for you. I’m particularly curious to hear from any readers who are dermatologists.