The long blazer takes me back to the ‘90s. I wore them then, but it’s not a look I crave today. I am cautious about this length of blazer because the proportions can look off to my eye, especially when you wear flat footwear like I do. I did, though, enjoy a long blazer dressy pants suit because it created an elongating column of colour. You couldn’t see where your leg line stopped because of the low contrast between the jacket and pants. I had a favourite apple green long blazer suit in 1994 that I regularly wore to work. Greg said I looked like a lime milkshake, which made me love that suit even more. I would wear a long blazer in that way today.

I have many clients across a range of body types in long blazers. It’s been more popular than I thought. Almost everyone who wears blazers regularly has refreshed with the trendy long silhouette. Here are four ways to create outfits with long blazers. Choose any colour palette across solids and patterns.

1. Smart Casual

This is the easiest look to pull together. Combine a pair of slim jeans or pants like skinnies or straights with a layering top and statement long blazer. Add shoes that work with the outfit. The pants or jeans can be cropped or full length. The top can be tucked or untucked.

Eloquii Long Tailored Blazer

2. Casually Thrown Together

Combine an A-line skirt with a long fluid blazer and layering top. I like how the tight top adds structure to the fluid blazer. Add booties and Bob’s your uncle. Keep the skirt straight if you want to create traditionally flattering proportions.

Allsaints Helei Check Oversize Blazer

3. Classically Elegant

Combine a black top with cropped straight pants or jeans in any colour. Top it off with a long black blazer for a twinset effect up top. Add dressy shoes, and you’re in business. Good for corporate settings and dressier occasions.

Trina Turk Critic Long Blazer

4. Fashion-Forward Fun

This is by far my favourite of the four because it reminds me of the apple green suit I had in the ‘90s, with white accents and all. You need a non-neutral suit with a long blazer for this rendition, so maybe you’ll get one. I would if the right one came along. White top and footwear add a fashionable and crisp touch. Add jewellery, watch and eyewear as desired.

Zara Double Breasted Buttoned Blazer