These looks have one item in common: a wrap skirt. But the outfit vibes are very different because wrap skirts come in many variations. The way you style the skirt sets the mood of the outfit. Change up the colours and patterns to match your taste. 

1. Classically Crisp

If you enjoy wearing dressy classic structure, this look is a good way to go. It combines a simple A-line wrap with a tucked silk blouse and trendy footwear. Pointy-toe heeled mules, sandal booties, booties, ballet flats, pumps or sandals are great shoe options.

TORY BURCH Ruth Stretch Cotton-blend Wrap Skirt

2. Florally Tough

If you’re a casual gal with a hard edge, try combining a floral wrap skirt with a tee or knitted top and chunky black combat boots. Here, the tee is tucked, but you can semi-tuck, or wear a top that does not require tucking. Black combat boots work particularly well when there’s black in the pattern of the skirt. The pink bag is a fun touch.

MARQUES' ALMEIDA Floral-print Asymmetric Cotton-voile Wrap Midi Skirt

3. Romantically Ruffled

This is an unusual combination because it combines a wrap skirt AND a wrap top in a positive and negative pattern. The effect is like a two-piece dress. The wrap skirt does not have a bulky tie at the waist, which makes wearing a top over it okay. The wrap top fits very fluidly like a kimono. But a tailored version will probably be easier to wear. To my eye, the fact that the wraps fasten on the same side of the body is important. Add footwear that works with the outfit.

Zara Ruffled Floral Print Skirt

4. Casually Elegant

A Friday outfit formula would not be complete without a version with sneakers because sneakers are the shoe of our fashion era. Combine a wrap skirt with tee and sneakers, and Bob’s your uncle. The faux wrap skirt here makes things streamlined and easy. The tucked white tee is sporty yet polished. The white sneaks are crisp and pick up the white of the top. Of course, you can choose any colour tee and sneaks. But when their colours match in some way, the outfit looks visually pulled together.

Mssguided Plus Size Khaki Polka Dot Wrap Over Midi Skirt

I like the idea of a patterned ruffly wrap midi skirt with ample movement for Summer. I’ll wear it with a basic body-con tucked top and white pointy-toe ballet flats, loafers, sandals or sneakers. I’ll top it off with a denim jacket, cotton moto, or chore jacket in air conditioning.