If you were a long-haired teen in the ’80s you’ll know exactly what I’m talking about. A scrunchie is a hair accessory used to tie hair back into a ponytail, half bun, or full bun. It’s a regular hair elastic covered with scrunched fabric, which is how it gets its name. Scrunchies come in all colours and patterns. Some have decorative ties on them. Here are some examples.

I briefly had long hair in the late ‘80s and used scrunchies almost exclusively because they were easy to use, very comfortable, and didn’t damage my hair. You pulled them out with ease, and no ponytail headaches either. I occasionally sported a scrunchie on my wrist so that I could use it to tie my hair back at any time. One year, my favourite Christmas gift was a brightly coloured floral scrunchie. I loved scrunchies.

Scrunchies became passé in the ‘90s and ‘00s just because the so-called fashion-powers-that-be decided it was no longer hip to wear them. It’s silly really, since the scrunchie is nothing more than a very practical hair accessory. The oversized neon, polka dot and lamé versions of 1985 were a bit much, but a refined neutral scrunchie should become a timeless classic, much like a regular hair elastic.

I’m happy scrunchies made a comeback. I see long-haired men and women wear them fairly regularly in solid neutrals in my neck of the woods. It makes me smile because it strengthens the Individualism trend. In fashion and style, almost anything goes if you wear it with intention, confidence and verve. I have no use for scrunchies with short hair, but vote YAY all the way for others. Why not! How about you?

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