Combining light blue with black and white reminds me of the ‘90s. At least that’s when I wore the palette after the very bright ‘80s. I like how light blue adds a soft, pretty, and unexpected touch to a black and white look. The white adds crispness to the light blue, and the black toughens the vibe. 

Think of any way to combine light blue with black and white. Light wash denim and chambray count as light blue, and dark blue can be your black if you don’t wear black. Any shade of white will work. Here are four outfit ideas to get you started.

1. Business Casual

Combine a light blue jacket with a black dress and finish off the look with white footwear. Feel free to create the column of black with a top and pants or skirt if dresses aren’t your thing. Here, the white buttons of the blazer pick up the white of the shoes, which is visually interesting. I’d throw in a white bag too.

Veronica Beard Miller Dickey Jacket

2. Tough Trendy Classic

This is the easiest combination to create because it’s made up of timeless essentials with a good dose of tough spunk. Combine black pants or jeans with a black and white striped top. Add black or white footwear, and top things off with a light wash denim jacket. This denim jacket is oversized and trendy, but feel free to sub it for a fitted silhouette. Add a white, black or light blue bag.

Denim x Alexander Wang Daze Oversized Denim Jacket

3. Dressing Up Black Bottoms

Combine a pair of dressy black pants with a dressy light blue top and finish things off with black or white shoes. If you wear black shoes, add white through a bag or/and white jewellery. Sub the trousers for a black skirt if that’s more your thing. Or turn things upside down by combining dressy light blue bottoms with a dressy black top.

Eloquii Long Sleeve Bow Blouse

4. Relaxed Suiting

Combine a light blue suit with a white top and open-toe black footwear. Feel free to add a black belt to pick up more of the black. I’m not sure I’d like this outfit as much with closed black shoes, or on someone who did not have black hair because the bookending is brilliantly effective. Add jewellery, eyewear and watch as desired.

Massimo Dutti Slim Fit Linen and Cotton Denim Trousers

Light blue is a lot more versatile than you think so don’t rule it out as a colour you can wear with just about anything. I wear my light blue bags with a rainbow of non-neutrals and neutrals, and it always works to my eye. That’s why light blue outerwear is versatile, and it’s on my radar.

One of my clients wears light blue footwear to perfection because they bookend her beautiful light blue eyes. It’s and amazing and unique way to pull together an outfit. I chose a pair of chunky light blue specs for another client because she wears a lot of black and white. It’s a flop proof colour palette.