Jumpsuits and rompers are all-in-one garments. Somewhat like a dress where the bottom part resembles pants instead of a skirt. Rompers have shorts on the bottom, whereas jumpsuits are cropped pants or full-length pants on the bottom. Rompers are sometimes also called playsuits. 

Jumpsuits and rompers come in all sorts of colours, patterns, fabrics, and silhouettes. They can also be dressy or casual. Here are some examples.

Flower Branch Jumpsuit
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Jumpsuits and rompers are an acquired taste because, like most wardrobe items, they have their fab and not so fab attributes.

The Good

  • They are an easy one piece pull-on-and-go that requires little thought and styling
  • No need to tuck, semi-tuck, or worry about a too short or too long untucked top
  • They have a playful and fun Modern and Modern Retro integrity
  • Thanks to the pants, they’re not as breezy, revealing and impractical as a dress can be
  • They make a unique and interesting statement because there are fewer people wearing them

The Bad

  • They can sometimes look too child-like and juvenile
  • They can be hard to fit, because the length and width of the waist has to be in exactly the right place
  • They are EXTREMELY impractical when you need the loo

I have a jumpsuit, which you might remember from this old outfit post. It’s four years old and I’ve worn it twice because it’s THE fussiest, most uncomfortable, and most impractical item in my wardrobe. I thought it would be fun to wear because I love the glam ‘70s, but all it does is drive me bananas. I have to wear it with two and a half inch heels that I no longer own or wear. Going to the loo means I have to strip to my undies leaving the jumpsuit rumpled at my feet, which is a lot of fabric because of the long flared legs. In short, it’s an awful wearing experience. Yet, I keep the jumpsuit because it’s a spectacular and well-made designer piece. I keep on thinking I’ll haul it out for some glam occasion, in which case I’ll need to hem the length to wear with one and a quarter inch heels.

Jumpsuit - 1

Jumpsuit - 2

I LOVE the look of jumpsuits for the fabulous reasons I’ve described up top. They’re such a fun, unique and easy piece if you’re fine with the impractical part when going to the loo. I don’t know if the experience of wearing this jumpsuit has put me off for life, but I guess there’s only one way to find out. I’ll need to try a shorter version that I can wear with flats, and that isn’t as big a rumpled mess on the ground when I need the loo. Maybe a boiler suit of sorts, which I happily wore in the ’80s.

Over to you. What’s your take on jumpsuits and rompers, and do you wear them?