The pleated midi skirt is a classic that’s having its fashion moment across the seasons. Pleats come in all sorts, and the type of pleating creates more or less volume on the bottom half of the body. Here are four pleated midi skirt outfits across three pleat types. 

1. Structured and Sharp: Knife Pleat

A knife pleat lies quite flat against the body, making it one of the most streamlining pleats. Here, the knife pleats are broad, making them look more dramatic. The additional waistband detailing of the skirt adds further structure, and is begging for a fitted tucked top to showcase the buckle detailing. Excellent with the tailored tall boots to complete the ‘70s vibe.

Karen Millen Waist Emphasis Pleated Skirt

2. Casual and Comfortable: Sunray Pleat

The sunray pleat is the most dramatic because it’s a very voluminous pleat. It can cause bulging and poufing on the midsection, which you have to be okay with if you showcase the waistband by tucking or knotting a shirt. A semi-tucked top can be more forgiving of the poufs and bulges. Or wear an untucked cropped welted sweater. I like how the dressy sunray pleat has been relaxed with a knotted and scrunched shirt, sneakers, and a crossbody. It’s a versatile skirt.

Karen Millen Abstract Pleated Midi Skirt

3. Dressy and Relaxed: Knife Pleat

Many knife-pleated skirts have elasticated waistbands, which is why wearing a welted pullover that blousons over the waist is a great idea. This styling technique is comfortable and casually elegant. It allows you to have a meal and camouflage a fuller and rounder tummy. It’s also a great way to lengthen a shorter waist. Add heels or dressy flats and Bob’s your uncle.

Eloquii Pleated Midi Blocked Hem

4. Pretty and Fluid: Crystal Pleat

A crystal pleat is less voluminous, and also lies quite flat against the body. It’s particularly fun in tulle. Here, a longer top with a welt is worn over the skirt to create a dropped-waist effect. This might be the most comfortable of the four outfits, and is forgiving of midsection lumps and bumps. It gives the skirt a casual integrity without sporty additions like sneakers. Adding white mules and bag is gorgeous, but finish off the look any way you like. Add jewellery, scarves, eyewear and watch as desired.

FABIANA FILIPPI Pleated Tulle Skirt

I’m much more of a dress gal than a skirt gal, but I’m all over the sunray-pleated midi this year. I wasn’t interested in wearing one for the longest time, and then bam — now I want one. Lots of skirt swoosh makes me happy. I like all four outfit formulas. I’m also into a crystal pleat in tulle. The Karen Millen pleated skirt is on order, and I have the cropped yellow sweater already. Using my current wardrobe items, I have these mix-and-match outfits in my head if the skirt works. The dark neutrals are almost all blue.

Over to you. Are you inspired to wear a pleated midi skirt?