High-rise pants and jeans are once again a mainstream trend. It’s getting harder and harder to find mid-rise bottoms, so grab them when you find a good pair. Most of my clients enjoy the high rise because it girdles midsection extra bits, or “the bits” as one of my clients calls them. It also minimizes muffin top. They can wear tops untucked over high-rise bottoms and feel comfortably structured.

The point though, of the fashionable high-rise bottom is to wear tops tucked/semi-tucked or to wear cropped tops so that the high rise is exposed. This means exposing some midsection extra bits without the coverage of a top, which puts some my clients off. It’s understandable. I want my clients to feel fabulous and confident in their outfits so that they can forget about them and get on with life. I don’t want them to feel self-conscious and uncomfortable for the sake of fashion.

That said, some of my clients with midsection extra bits are rocking exposed high-rise pants and jeans with tucked and semi-tucked tops. They neither have flat tummies nor smooth waistlines, and look absolutely fabulous. They feel confident too. It just goes to show that you don’t need to be void of midsection extra bits to wear the fashionable look. This throws a spanner into the so-called golden mean of beauty and body type, and I LOVE THAT.

Shapewear can smooth out midsection extra bits, but it’s not essential. Wearing substantial panties with a high rise can do the trick. Wearing flimsy low-rise panties with high-rise bottoms can accentuate lumpage and bumpage so be mindful of that. The high-rise panty keeps the waistbands of panty and bottom in the same place which smooths out the belly area in an effective way.

Semi-tucking a fluid top into high-rise bottoms will expose the high rise, and camouflage midsection extra bits above the waistline. The right semi-tucked fluid top with a lower neckline can work for a larger bust. It lengthens the leg line from the thighs upward. It also makes a short waist look longer than when a top is fully tucked. Semi-tucking is a magical styling technique that works more often than not, so keep it in mind.

And last, the rounded belly is quintessentially female. I see many women across a spectrum of sizes wearing body-con outfits with round and far from flat tummies – and they look great. These outfits are much tighter and less forgiving than wearing an exposed high-rise bottom with a fluid semi-tucked top. Yet they are unaffected, confident, and proud. Power to them. That is stylish.

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