I’m very much enjoying “The Artisans“, a photo documentary series on The Guardian website that portrays artists and craftspeople in their working environments to learn more about their processes and working methods. Not all of them are style-related, but they are all wonderful. Have a peek:

Silversmith Shona Marsh creates jewellery and lifestyle objects out of fine metals, woods, crystal and gemstones. The modern and timeless designs are made by hand using traditional silversmithing skills.

Here you can see how a master watchmaker and an antiquarian horologist restore antique and vintage timepieces, and design and build their own watches.

Fab Links from Our Members

Nemosmom wanted to share this article about the pleasure of sitting out a trend.

She also thought this sobering look at our cycle of return-happy shopping was interesting.

Finally, she and Suz both enjoyed this article about the rise of second-hand shopping.

Shevia thought this was a good overview of the various misdeeds and overall problem in the fashion industry.

Wise Shopper directs us to this skin-care related article: “I didn’t know much about light therapy, and found it pretty interesting.”

Barbara Diane found this video fascinating: Dutch artist Suzanne Jongmans recreates/reinterprets old masterpieces using recycled packaging materials.