I have four sets of the exact same toiletries that I keep in different locations. By toiletries I mean beauty and skincare products, hair products, grooming products, make-up, and a bottle of Flower eau de parfum by Kenzo. I have one set to use in our home in Seattle. A second set that stays in our loft in Salt Lake City. A third set that I keep packed in a travelling toiletry bag in small travel-size containers. And a fourth set of spares that I store in Seattle so that I can replenish immediately when I run out.

It’s practical and efficient having multiple toiletry sets because I have two homes. I’m in Seattle most of the time, and in Salt Lake City for one or two weeks a month. I travel to see my Dad in the Netherlands every three months, and Greg and I travel a bit during the year. Keeping four sets of toiletries that are ready to use in multiple locations minimizes packing and unpacking time, keeps me organized, prevents me forgetting items, and allows me to use the exact products that I have carefully chosen over time.

It was quite the upfront expense, but once I got over that I was relieved to have the system up and running. Apart from lipstick and lip balm, I don’t carry a toiletry or make-up bag in my handbag, so thank goodness I don’t need a mini fifth set.