I am not alone in repeating head-to-toe outfits within the season, or from season to season. When you feel fabulous in an outfit, I vote milk that feeling by wearing it over and over again. Don’t feel the pressure to style an item ten ways just for the sake of it. No need to fix something that isn’t broken, and the repetition strengthens your signature style. 

Repeating an outfit within the year, month, or week is one thing, but how about repeating the same head-to-toe look for two days in a row? I do this type of outfit repetition from time to time. If the outfit sparks joy, feels good, works with the activities of the day, and suits my mood, why not just wear it again right away? Of course, I wear fresh undies, socks and hosiery, and the items of the outfit don’t need laundering yet. Apart from Greg, I’m seeing different people over the course of the two days too. I probably wouldn’t wear exactly the same outfit two days in a row if I knew I was seeing the same group of people.

I’ve also worn an outfit one day, worn a different outfit the next, but put the exact same outfit I wore the day before back on to go out in the evening. That counts as two-days-in-a-row outfit repetition despite the addition of the other outfit.

Do you ever wear exactly the same outfit for two days in a row?