We ran this poll seven years ago, so it’s time for a repeat. You bat for Team Stripe if you prefer stripes over polka dots, and vice versa. Note that any form of stripe counts: subtle, bold, tonal, horizontal, vertical, diagonal, pin, rugby, racing, Breton, jailbird, tuxedo or chevron. Any type of polka dot too. 

Most of my clients and friends will wear a stripe, even if it’s just a subtle pinstripe. Polka dots are popular too, but not nearly as popular as stripes. Many will entertain a very subtle and small neutral polka dot, or a self-colour Swiss dot but will say “no thanks” to the rest. That’s because dots can sometimes look clown-ish, overly busy, and juvenile, especially when they are multi-coloured, bold, large, and closely packed together. A quieter polka dot that is widely spaced, two-toned and neutral is perceived as more sophisticated, grown-up, and calming on the eye.

I LOVE stripes and polka dots. Along with checks and tartans, they are my favourite patterns. I adore their geometric integrity, fabulous pattern mixing potential, and punchy visual affect. I tire of most patterns, but not stripes or dots. They are Trendy Classics that reinvent themselves every season and never look old to my eye. The classic versions are comforting, and the new iterations are exciting.

Here are the stripes and dots in my current wardrobe.

I will wear most variations of stripes and polka dots, in any wardrobe item, and across the seasons. A simple striped top is one of my wardrobe essentials, and a graphic polka dot scarf should be too. I will wear stripes and dots in most colours, but tend to prefer them in classic two-toned neutrals (both low and high contrast). I’ll also wear a big, multi-coloured polka dot in a large surface area like a midi dress if the item looks and feels right.

Both patterns continuously catch my eye, energize me, and make me happy. When I want to add punch to an outfit, I reach for a stripe, polka dot, or bright coloured something. At the moment I have more stripes than dots in my wardrobe because stripes are more widely available than dots. But that can change and I have an equal affection for both patterns.

I can’t pick a side so I’m happily benched with creamy Autumn Norwegian salmon, fennel, potato, carrot and dill soup served with crusty hot bread. Lemon ricotta cake and berries for dessert. Over to you. Do you bat for Team Stripe, Team Polka Dot, or are you joining me on the bench? Team Stripe won the race before and I suspect history will repeat itself.