Epoch Sole Solution is the foot cream of all foot creams because it REALLY works. I’ve tried many things — even Vicks and olive oil — and this is the winner. It was recommended to a friend by her nail salon. If you have cracked heels, broken skin on your toes, and all-round dry feet and ankles, you’ll notice a significant difference after a couple of days. It moisturizes your toenails too.

I apply the cream once a day in warm weather and twice daily in colder months when my skin is prone to dryness. It’s odourless, which is a plus for most, although I’d personally have preferred a scent. After applying the cream in Summer, I pop on a pair of footies allowing the cream to soak into warm skin. In the colder months, I pop on a pair of socks after application. It’s that easy.

If you’re in the US, we wish you a happy Labor Day and hope you’re enjoying the long weekend.