Two brands branching out into menswear, the top lip colour, Old Navy extending its plus-size section, and other style news that caught our attention in August.

Fun Fashion Fact

Did you know that Aretha Franklin, who passed away earlier this month, was a vocal advocate for size inclusivity in the fashion industry. “In an interview with Jet magazine in 1987, she reportedly asked Calvin Klein if he could ‘please make 14s,’ referring to the lack of clothing available over a size 12. She also called out Valentino: ‘Valentino has some of the most chic clothing that I have ever laid eyes on,’ she said at the time. ‘I become enraged every time I see the Valentino line,’ Franklin continued. ‘Please if you won’t do a 14 — and you’re making the girls who wear 14 very unhappy — please do a special order for me’.”